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Brow Lamination

Achieve natural looking fuller & fluffy brows in just one treatment. Straighter upward-facing brow hairs that are set in place help minimize the appearance of bare patchy brows hairs, If you have decently full brows, it can help them look fluffier and appear styled at all times. Includes grow grooming. Lasts 6-8  weeks.


A mix of the two styles (ombre & microblading) Ideal for clients who have less brow hair & desire fullness yet still natural or semi bold. Choose between hair strokes in the front of the brow which transitions to shading towards the tail of brows or hair strokes & shading through the entire brow. Compatible for clients with all skin types.


Mimics hair strokes. Looks very natural. Enhances the appearance of clients existing brow hair. Ideal for clients with a good amount of brow hair who desire to fill in small gaps and create fullness. Compatible for clients with normal to dry skin.


Mimic the appearance of makeup. Brows are lighter in the front of the brow & transition into a darker shade towards the tail of the brow.  No need to fill in brows with makeup, powders, or pomades. Clients have the option of bold or soft ombre. Compatible for all skin types.

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