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Hello Beautiful!

Hi, my name is Victoria, and I am the owner of Plush Beaute Lounge. I was born in Los Angeles, CA, and raised in the heart of the Inland Empire. As a teen, I knew I had to be involved in the world of beauty; I began working in a hair salon washing hair and prepping clients for stylists. The knowledge and experience I gained further fueled my desire to become a professional in the industry. I found myself pursuing my craft and growing my expertise while working as a Medical Assistant to pay the bills. In 2012, I obtained my manicurist license and began my career in the beauty industry. 

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My Story

I immerse myself when it comes to all things beauty. In 2018, I decided to have my brows microbladed and my experience was absolutely horrible! This experience inspired me to learn the skill of microblading and semi-permanent makeup and enroll in an esthetician course to obtain a state license because I never wanted another person to go through what I had. I knew that microblading and semi-permanent makeup were services that I could do and master.

I’m genuinely passionate about the art of permanent makeup and the beauty industry. I developed my strong discipline and work ethic throughout the years by working in various salons; however, my presence in beauty was not where it should be. I wanted to showcase my talent and artistry on a larger scale, in a place of my own, so I birthed Plush Beaute Lounge in 2019! 


I continue to attend courses with top-tier trainers to learn new techniques and master my craft.  I’m incredibly committed to helping other people; rather it’s enhancing their natural beauty or helping them gain their confidence back after suffering from alopecia or battling cancer. What sets me aside as an artist is that my specialty brow service is completely unique for each client. No set of brows are the same, yet I’ve still managed to maintain a signature look/ style. People travel from all over the world to experience my custom brows & beauty services. It’s amazing to see my vision become my reality. 


Thank you in advance for choosing me as your artist. I can’t wait to meet you, see you soon! 

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